In this episode, Courtenay invites Robert Edward Grant to the show to discuss today’s technological warfare and its invasion on free speech, plus his groundbreaking discoveries designed to reclaim sovereignty. It’s argued that data is becoming the new oil in the age of AI; in fact, our digital profiles are being siphoned at an alarming rate (whether we’re aware of it or not) via social media, digital banking systems, and other electronic outlets. The only way to combat censorship and intrusive data collection from these digital overlords is through independent modalities that Robert has been fearlessly leading the way in creating.

Robert is a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author of PHILOMATH, prolific inventor, and founder of several corporate enterprises. Additionally, he is a prodigious artist, sculptor, music theorist, musician, and author of several research and patent publications spanning biology, DNA combinatorics, number theory, geometry, and physics. Robert is the Founder, Chairman, and Managing Partner of Strathspey Crown LLC, a growth equity holding company based in Newport Beach, CA with a broad portfolio of company and asset holdings spanning healthcare, clean energy, social media, and financial technology. In addition, he is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Crown Sterling Limited LLC, a next-generation Cryptography company, based on discoveries from his work in geometry and mathematics. He served as the founding CEO of AccessElite Corp from April 2017 until July 2018. Likewise, he served as the founding CEO of ALPHAEON Corporation from February 2013 until August 2016.

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