In this episode, Courtenay invites Scott Nelson and Kyle McGahey to the show to talk about their journey in starting Artisan Health a little over a year ago. At Artisan Health the mission is to provide accessible, personalized care to all who are looking to pursue a more holistic and integrative approach to health. As this conversation highlights, our current medical system has failed us by becoming a robotic machine prescribing pills to mask symptoms as opposed to getting to the root cause. Scott and Kyle explain how Artisan Health is blazing a new path by restoring quality bedside manner with patients to best support and empower them on the road to sustainable health and healing.

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Disclaimer: this is intended to be inspiration & entertainment. We aim to inform, inspire & empower. Guest opinions/ statements are not a reflection of the host or podcast. Please note these are conversational dialogues. All statements and opinions are not necessarily meant to be taken as fact. Please do your own research. Thanks for watching!


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