In this episode, Courtenay invites attorney, author, and investigative journalist, William Ramsey, to the show to discuss the latest Balenciaga campaign that forwardly exploited children. Many fans are rightfully outraged and demanding answers after seeing the company’s product advertisements of children holding teddybears in bondage accompanied with accessories that contained hidden child pornography documents. Just when you thought the agenda couldn’t get any darker, it does. William brings to the table heartwrenching discoveries of the perpetrators behind the brand, the satanic symbolism represented, and what we can speculate about the motives.

Episode Resources

Code of the Illuminati by Abbe Augustin Barruel
Tragedy & Hope by Carroll Quigley
Sirhan’s Fascinating Story (YouTube)

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  • To the commentary about Marx/Lincoln:

    Yes, in political circles/academia, which continued to very much cross the pond and collide into the late 1800’s and beyond, Lincoln was an avid reader of Marx’s frequent contributions to the New York Tribune, for which he (Marx) was a foreign correspondent.

    Marx helped shaped Lincoln’s worldview, emotional rallying cry, and much needed PR around the Civil War. Lincoln wasn’t going to war to end slavery. (We all know that by now). The moral end to slavery became the convenient Reason for a war the common man wouldn’t want to fight – a war over territory, political power, congressional control, tariffs, and the economy.

    Marx LOVED revolutions and the opportunities they provided. We know that. He loved destruction. We know that. (The American Civil War was one of the most destructive wars fought). He hated American’s systems of Judeo-Christian values and capitalism, so speculatively, would’ve appreciated Revolution with high death counts in the US.

    Marx, as we see in the letter, latches on to the liberation of American slaves. This ideologically falls in line with musings, one would assume. But it makes perfect sense. It was the beginning of Marxists attaching themselves and their ideas to poorly educated, lower class, vulnerable peoples. Obviously, in later years, like the 60’s and 70’s, bougie white, upper class, educated Marxists attached themselves to black Americans, leading to training sessions with Mao in China and on field trips to Russia.

    But, in the interim, Russian Marxist leaders employed the same tactic across poorly
    educated, lower class, vulnerable Eastern Europe and Middle Eastern with mostly Muslim populations. They Russian communists entered the countries, cozied up, gained trust, promised power and security from Western Imperialists, and even deceptively propped Islam on a pedestal…. Only to snatch power and autonomy from their hands, take control of the countries, censor and ban Islam, and destroy their cultures. Targeting the weak, making converts, and SUBVERTING. #Aufheben