In this episode, Courtenay invites Connecticut native, author of the Tales of Charles Island series, and second grade teacher, Marissa D’Angelo, to the show. Marissa shares her journey of using writing as a modality to heal her own childhood traumas and the grief she’s undergone in the past two years from losing six of her closest relatives. In addition, she shares her classroom experiences as an educator and how she infuses her passion for writing to cultivate a unique flair in the development of the curriculum.

Marissa’s inspiration stems from her background as the editor for the Arts and Entertainment section of her high school newspaper, to her first job as a special educator. Both of which led her to obtaining a degree in Education, with a minor in English Literature and Anthropology, and a Master’s in Special Education. Today, she’s a member of the Maryland Writers Association, where she gets to further extend her love for writing!

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