In this episode, Courtenay invites LA journalist and Quantum Languaging consultant, Dani Katz, to the show for a fascinating conversation around the trance of language. She points out how our dialect is largely centered around baseless programming, fear, and self-identifying statements. She shares ways you can build awareness and begin breaking free of these language codes to reclaim your power!

Dani Katz is a 3x author and alum of USC’s prestigious Annenberg School where she acquired a Master’s in Journalism. Dani has established herself as one of LA’s edgiest literary talents through her early work with LA Weekly. Since then, she has contributed to dozens of publications including Los Angeles Times, Vice, Teen Vogue, Swindle, LA Yoga, Whole Life Times/Magazine, Santa Fe Reporter, Nerve, The Numinous, and Reality Sandwich. She most recently put her investigative journalism skills into being a lead writer/researcher for the documentary, Plandemic 2: Indoctrination. In addition, Dani has spent the past decade and a half immersed in the study of Quantum Languaging and conscious communication, researching and perfecting the myriad ways, whys and hows that language influences our every human experience.

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Hidden Language Codes by R. Neville Johnston

Power vs. Force by Dr. David Hawkins

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Disclaimer: this is intended to be inspiration & entertainment. We aim to inform, inspire & empower. Guest opinions/ statements are not a reflection of the host or podcast. Please note these are conversational dialogues. All statements and opinions are not necessarily meant to be taken as fact. Please do your own research. Thanks for watching!


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