In this episode, Courtenay invites Sebastien Powell to the show to discuss his investigations of modern-day medical tyranny and deception. Sebastien is a former software engineer turned medical truth warrior, well-known for his opinion pieces on Substack and Twitter. This conversation emphasizes the misinformation regarding HIV/AIDS transmission, germ theory and contagion, plus the manipulation of words to mask potential biowarfare. His insight will inspire you to begin looking into the history of what you’ve been told to accept and discover a new layer of truth that lies beneath it.

Episode Resources:
The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.
What Really Makes You Ill? by Dawn Lester and David Parker
Toxemia: The Basic Cause of Disease by John Tilden

Connect with Sebastien:
Twitter: @sebpowell
Truth Social: @sebpowell
Disclaimer: this is intended to be inspiration & entertainment. We aim to inform, inspire & empower. Guest opinions/ statements are not a reflection of the host or podcast. Please note these are conversational dialogues. All statements and opinions are not necessarily meant to be taken as fact. Please do your own research. Thanks for watching!
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