Courtenay & Max discuss a myriad of topics ranging from ancient civilizations to theology to the current sociocultural-political zeitgeist.

Max is a Hιѕpanιc-Aмerιcan, Arcнaeologιѕт, Bodyвυιlder, Marтιal Arтιѕт, Penтecoѕтal Polιтιcal Gυrυ ƁA, MA…I’m into fast cars, music, movies, etc. He can be found @Maximus_4EVR on Twitter & Gab and Parler @Maximus4EVR.

You can support Max’s work here:… Follow him on social media for notifications on his informative Socratic style seminars (below)! Max’s Upcoming Seminars! March 26th-27th – Civics Maximus 101: Democracy v Republic. April 22nd-24th – Samurai v Knight: Medieval Warriors. April – Weekly Civics Crash Courses. May 21st-22nd – Civics Maximus 201: Keeping the Republic! Contact Max for more information! 👌

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