In this episode, Courtenay welcomes Cameron Ring to the show to talk about the other corrupt BLM organization you should know about—The Bureau of Land Management. Solely through million dollar contracts with the government, the bureau funds animal brutality specifically through helicopter roundups of horses. Cameron shares how horses are in fact essential to the healthy functioning of the ecosystem and powerful trauma healers for humans. He provides the action steps you can begin taking today to assist in the efforts to protect them.

Cameron Ring is an actor (best known for Breaking Point), filmmaker, animal rights advocate, and farmer. Through Veterans for Mustangs, he is forming a coalition of veterans to save the iconic American Mustang. The organization aims to offer a solution that will preserve the mustang, the wild lands where they roam, and our unique American heritage.

Episode Resources:
PTSD: Time To Heal by Cathy O’Brien
Invisible Wounds of War by Terri Tanielian & Lisa Jaycox
Documentary: Ashley?

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