Courtenay invites previous guests Jay Dyer, James Lindsay, and Stephen Coughlin back to the show for a round-table discourse analyzing the philosophical, theological, historical, political, uses and weaponization of the Dialectic. While often referred to as the “Hegelian Dialectic”, few discuss its Platonic & potentially older genesis. In asymmetrical warfare one cannot defend themselves without identifying the target, and thus it’s imperative to fathom the dialectical games and weaponization tactics utilized. This conversation elucidates how the oligarchical powers execute dialectical attacks via political, psychological, biological and informational warfare tactics.

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Disclaimer: this is intended to be inspiration & entertainment. We aim to inform, inspire & empower. Guest opinions/ statements are not a reflection of the host or podcast. Please note these are conversational dialogues. All statements and opinions are not necessarily meant to be taken as fact. Please do your own research. Thanks for watching!


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