On this episode of Dangerous Dames, Courtenay Turner & Dr Lee Merritt invite Jason Ian from Americans In Action to discuss Natural Law / God’s Law versus man’s law & what it means to truly be free.

A graduate from UCLA, Jason is an educator, author, screenwriter, entrepreneur, researcher, personal consultant, artist and life coach. Jason spent two years in post education living in Israel where he immersed himself in the studies of the Torah to become an Orthodox Rabbi. With his in depth practices of critical thinking, writing, law research. and practical implementation as Assistance Of Counsel, along with his religious and spiritual explorations, Jason feels as if it was by divine guidance that he was brought to teach how to decodify the law from legalese… back to it’s spiritual and biblical origins. A child of God, Jason, a living breathing man and soul, is devoted to living freely and fulfilling his divine purpose, while simultaneously, nurturing his passion for helping others to realize their own true (inner) sovereignty.

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