Dangerous Dames Courtenay Turner & Dr. Lee Merritt invite dangerous dude Scott Kesterson to discuss how we can discern controlled opposition from authentic independents. The three engage in a riveting discussion surrounding people, psychological warfare tactics, and people and entities that get subsumed in the midst of active measures.

Scott is founder and voice of BardsFM podcast, a backpack journalist and documentary filmmaker. He spent 3 1/2 years in Afghanistan. He was the first embedded citizen journalist in the Department of Defense embed program and was awarded an Emmy for his videography shorts of combat in 2007. He has worked with Special Operations units in the area of information and narrative warfare, founded a cultural intelligence consulting company that has provided support for Defense and private companies, advised senior leaders on terrorism and information warfare, helped develop next generation programs for narrative warfare for emerging threats and has lead research and development efforts for Five Eyes nations R&D teams. His first film, Bards Of War: Fighting Is Everything was released in January 2019.

He is now Owner and Founder of Xpedition Cafe, a small production company that focuses on podcasting and audio and video documentaries that embrace the warrior mindset: conviction, righteousness and fearlessness.

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