Courtenay had the pleasure of joining David Nance on The Tennessee Informer for an unmasking of the threat of proposed “Natural Asset Companies”.

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“PROPERTY RIGHTS UNDER SIEGE!: Unmasking the Threat of NEC’s Proposed Rule ft. Courtenay Turner”

🔐 Unlock the truth about a looming threat to property rights and our way of life in this week’s episode of The Tennessee Informer! Join Dave and special guest Courtenay Turner as they dissect the NEC’s proposed rule for Natural Asset Companies.

🏡 Discover the potential impact on property rights and gain insights into the broader implications for our communities. Courtenay brings her expertise to the table, unraveling the complexities of the proposed rule and shedding light on what it means for us.

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Huge WIN!! SEC withdrew the NAC application! We must still remain vigilant!! They will likely rebrand and march forth but it’s slow’d down at least for today!!

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