Calgary is hosting An Injection of Truth Town Hall on June 17th at 7pm-9pm CST to discuss the most recent information regarding the effects of the covid-19 mRNA vaccines on children and we are specifically targeting Alberta Caucus to ban these vaccines from the schedule for children 17 and under. An All-Star line-up of specialized medical educators and speakers will be presenting, including Dr. David J. Speicher, Dr. Eric Payne, Dr. Chris Shoemaker, Dr. Byram Bridle, Dr. Jessica Rose, Dr. William Makis, Dr. Mark Trozzi, MLA Shane Getson, host Shaun Newman and many more.

The event has successfully sold out 500 tickets in person! However, you can also purchase streaming tickets online. Watch with friends and family and set up a watch party to show support and receive the latest and greatest information.

For event information or to buy your watch party tickets, visit
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